Monday, February 13, 2012

Shepherd's Bush Needle Rolls

One day on a visit to my LNS I discovered something new to me--needle rolls.  I had never seen a needle roll and was interested to learn about them.  The needle rolls on display at the LNC were Shepherd's Bush--the needle rolls were small, delicate, and pastel.  They were stitched with charms, lace, and a variety of stitches.

My stitching friends who know me say these are the words which should be engraved on my tombstone "that should not take long."  I have the innate ability to under estimate the length of the time require to complete every project I undertake!  It has become quite the joke about "that should not take long."  I think my stitching friends have a standing bet with each other at the LNS on how long before I utter "Look, this is simple, that should not take long."

These are all Shepherd's Bush Needle Rolls. From left to right:  Tudor Needle Roll, Antique Heart Roll, Thisbe's Needle Roll, and Shepherd's Needle Roll.

Shepherd's Bush has released many designs and kits for needle rolls, I do not know the number but estimate more than a dozen.  At one time I had plans to complete one needle roll a year.  I made it to four! They started releasing kits and designs for needle fobs and I got side tracked!


  1. I have always admired needlerolls but never stitched one myself. They look so pretty grouped together. SB designs are very beautiful if I ever come to the States their shop would be one of the places I would like to visit.

  2. You've brought back wonderful memories of needleroll construction. I think I completed about a dozen the the needlerolls and use them as for seasonal displays.

  3. They're wonderful -- and such a lovely grouping together too! I think we all think something won't take too long. And then it takes so much longer. lol!