Monday, February 20, 2012

Answering the Sleeping Pet Photo Challenge

Nicola at Stitching by a Cornish Sea has asked us to share photos of our pet(children) in their sleeping positions.  Miss Callie Mae is very conventional about her sleeping.  She has a routine.

She takes her morning naps in the window seat in the All Purpose Work Room.  She loves the mornings in this room because of all the bird activity.  There are trees outside the window and she can watch the birds up close and personal.  The room is very bright and sunny and she gets her Vitamin D and sunbathing.

In the afternoons, Miss Callie Mae moves downstairs and takes her nap at the end of the sofa.  She enjoys napping in the corner of the sofa.

At night, she sleeps on the queen size bed in the room she shares with Sister C.  Miss Callie Mae enjoys having her linens laundered and warm towels out of the dryer are especially enjoyed.  Callie Mae is an early riser and likes for everyone to be up and attem in the wee hours of the morning.

The next photo is one of my favorites--I shared this with AppleJack's family before Christmas.  AppleJack and Callie napping on a Sunday afternoon.  It is photos like these which makes me feel everything is right in my world.


  1. Cats are so adorable. Thank you for participating.

  2. Love the photo of your DH and Callie taking a nap together.

  3. Aww, so cute with your DH and Callie!