Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stacy Nash Garden Gate

What do unfinished projects and denial have in common?  For me, they both begin and end with me.  I do not know and have no intention of knowing the number of unfinished projects in my stash.  Knowing the number of unfinished projects in my stash is too much reality for me.  Guess you might say, denial is my comfort zone when it comes to unfinished projects.  Is there a stitcher's anonymous recovery program?

I started Stacy Nash's Garden gate several years ago.  The project went into the WIP basket when it came to back side.

 Stacy's original design was stitched on the front cover

and the inside cover but not the back cover.  I thought  the back cover needed something.  And this was the beginning of the problem.  I started looking at other designs.  Did I want something in keeping with the gardening theme a basket? a flower?  Did I want personalization?  a Cartouche?  I dug out design after design, motif book after motif book and could not make a decision.

After much deliberation, I finally narrowed the choices to these two books:  Brenda Keys Alphabets, Motifs and Borders and Minuscules & Majuscules.  I decided the back motif would be a cartouche with an initial.  I was torn between two choices of cartouche's and AppleJack came to the rescue and made a choice for me.  Whew!  It's a good thing one member of this family can make a decision.

Now who would have ever thought something as simple as this could cause so much anguish?


  1. Well it looks gorgeous. I think I would debate a long time too over something like that. Glad your other half helped out.

  2. I think that Applejack made a good choice. Hope all is well with you both.