Saturday, May 12, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Next Year continues to bring me endless hours of surprise, delight and pure joy.  I am beginning to understand why Grandmother Bessie loved to garden.  Each day Next Year brings forth new blooms.  This is Oak Leaf hydrangea--one of my favorites.  These blooms will fill out, turn colors and in the fall the entire plant will be a cinnamon color which the birds love.

This is the first real bloom on Miss Mophead Hydrangea.

But look at the number of blooms Miss Mophead will be bringing me!  I was at the garden center today and found hydrangea food which turns the mop heads blue.  You bet your boots I bought some.

The day lilies are just beginning to bloom.  They are so faithful and hardy!  I have several varieties and plan to add more.

This daylilly is Stella d'oro--she is faithful and never fails.  She will bloom her heart out all season!  Stella is also very versatile!

This is a spider daylily--I do not know the name--will have to find out.

The blue is incredible!  I have had this plant for years, and it never disappoints!

This is Jackamia clematis--he's still blooming!  I'm not sure what I did correctly with Jack this year, but I must give him more attention--his beautiful blooms have certainly gotten my attention!

This is clematis comtesse de bouchard, three beautiful maidens in a row.  Comtesse has not had as many blooms as Jack but she is certainly lovely.  Am going to give her more of my attention also.

I bought a replacement pair of gardening gloves today.  AppleJack says I wear out two pairs of gardening gloves every gardening season.  With such a mild winter and early spring, this year has the potential to be a three pair year.

Rain is in the forecast for this evening and tomorrow.  One of those long slow gentle rains which nourishes the good earth.

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