Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pottery Shards Happy Dance

Yes!  This would me sharing the happy dance with Snoopy!  Pottery Shards is pieced!

Pottery Shards Jo Morton Little Women Club #11

Miss Callie Mae and I will soon be headed to the deck to enjoy the view and celebrate the piecing of Pottery Shards.  Here are some of the reasons:
  1. It is pieced and before class time on Saturday, I achieved a goal!
  2. The points meet and the seams match
  3. It is square
  4. The points are all pointing in the correct direction or at least I think they are

Pottery Shards is a 23 x 23 inch square.  Before joining together each pottery shard was 3."

Since I want to bask in the moment, I acknowledge a quilt is not a quilt until it is quilted.  I have border, backing, and binding fabric to choose, quilting to be done and binding.  But for now, let the happy dance begin.


  1. My but that is tiny! I was thinking it was a bed size quilt! It is gorgeous whatever the size : )

  2. Yay! Your Pottery Shards is beautiful! I cant wait to see it when you have done the quilting.

  3. You definitely deserve a happy dance. It's gorgeous!!! I'm happy dancing with you!

  4. Gorgeous!! WOW!
    Thank you for visiting my blog :)