Monday, May 14, 2012

Look what I found on my road trip

One of the good things about road trips is the side trips along the way.  To break up the monotony of the driving, I make frequent stops during the trip.  I should have one of those signs on my bumper which says "I brake for garden centers, quilt shops, needlework stores, antiques and coffee shops."  Of course, I might also need a stretch limo to encompass a bumper sticker this long. 

During my Mother's Day road trip, I stopped at Little Blessings quilt shop and look what I found!

Charm Packs!  Moda Seasonal Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings charm packs!  When I saw them at Little Blessings I thought I had hit the Mother load!  Yes, I did purchase two packs:  one for myself and one for my quilting partner in crime Carmen

The second charm pack which I purchased was Barbara Brackman's 1862 Battle Hymn.  I will be using these charm packs in my Pottery Shards quilts.

I also picked up a couple of fat quaters TeaTime by Nancy Davis and Moda Civil War Reunion Memorial Hall 1840-1870 by Barbara Brackman. 

Jo Morton quilt class is on Saturday--my work is incomplete.  Time for me to get busy and get Pottery Shards pieced!


  1. Oh lovely finds! Such pretty colors too -- perfect for your quilt! I just love that pottery shards quilt!!!

  2. You drove right through my old neck of the woods : ) I used to visit Little Blessings as well & they did indeed have some interesting fabrics there : )