Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jo Morton Pottery Shards (continued)

The time between my Jo Morton classes seems to be getting shorter and shorter and the amount of work required to complete each quilt seems to be getting longer and longer.  Anyone else had these feelings?

The forty five pottery shards are finally completed.  When I started this project I set a goal for myself to make ten pottery shards a day.  Well. . .let's just say this was ambitious or wishful thinking because I did not come close to completing ten pottery shards a day.  My next new goal is to set the shards together-- by tomorrow.  Hmm, hope this goal is achievable.

I have a whole bunch of half square triangles left and am trying to think of ways to use them.  They can be joined together to form several pattern varieties.

I found this half square triangle quilt on pinterest.   Any thoughts on my left over half square triangles?

Here is a completed Pottery Shards quilt I found on pinterest.  Yes, I am hopeful mine will look this nice when finished.


  1. Your pottery shards is going to be gorgeous! I love it already!

  2. Beautiful piece work, lady. I am envious of those with the patience to quilt. I am fortunate that my mother is an advid quilted, among other things. I've enjoyed seeing your project coming together. I have no doubt it will be beautiful when you are done.

  3. You're making good progress no matter what you think : ) Could you please tell me how big the blocks are in the PS quilt?