Thursday, May 3, 2012

List Maker

How many people are list makers?  I am!  AppleJack says I have a list for everything:  needlework, quilting, gardening, grocery shopping.  AppleJack says I should lists of my lists I'm not bad!

  1. Decide on next needlework project.  Projects which are auditioning are Stacey Nash's Garden Gate and Blackbird Designs Autumn Song Needle Keep.
  2. Begin work on Jo Morton Pottery Shards; May homework for Jo Little Women Club
  3. Order charm pack of Seasonal Little Gathering (by Lisa Bonegean, Primitive Gatherings).
  4. Read Anniversary Issue of Primitive Quilts
  5. Shop for replacement iron--the old one sang its swan song on Sunday
  6. Road trip to Country Store Quilt Shop--Jo Morton charm packs?
  7. Mix up batch of walnut crystals to dye linen
  8. Finish painting primitive boxes
  9. Add Little Women by The Primitive Hare to needlework order
  10. See Next Years list for gardening chores
  11. Follow up with Primitive Place magazine/May release
  12. Organize NPI silks
Okay, I'm stopping here because I am feeling overwhelmed and think I may need a rest break.


  1. lol! Great list! I only make lists when I'm afraid I'll forget about doing whatever it is. Which is quite often. lol! I think I'm more of a note poster though, as opposed to a list maker. :D

  2. Betty, I too am a list maker. I make lists so I can mark them off and see my progress!lol Hope you make it to the festival Sat.