Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jo Morton Overload

Before I start, get comfortable, am going to share many photographs!  Let me also say I am in sensory overdrive.  One of the reasons I made the decision to participate in a quilting class was to feed my creative juices.  One of the ways I feed my creative juices is by surrounding myself with creative people.  Today's class far exceeded my expectations.

This is the teachers Pottery Shards quilt. Lovely!  She is a very precise quilter and the quality of her work is outstanding.  I was the only person who had another Pottery Shards to share.  Mine is pieced and awaiting borders and backing.  More on this later.  Now, don't go thinking because I was the only person who had Pottery Shards to share that my fellow classmates had been idle.  Quiet the opposite--they had been busy, very, very busy.

Martha, who is one of the resident appliqué queens, had been working on this wool appliqué quilt by Primitive Gatherings.  Yes, it is a miniature and it was exquisite!

Terri had been working on this Jo Morton quilt.  I do not remember the name but Terri said it was an older Jo Morton kit.  The border on this quilt was fabulous.

This quilt is Jo Morton Scrappiness, which was last months quilt.

Please don't think this classmate is a slacker because she didn't have Pottery Shards completed, because she made two Scrappiness quilts!  Both were beautiful!

Another appliqué queen had been working on the Jo Morton Yankee Doodle quilt.  This is the center medallion.  Each of those pieces which make up the star are smaller than a dime!

Carmen did not have Pottery Shards finished because she had finished Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House.  It was beautiful!  Am still thinking about stitching the entire piece.

Stacy Nash taught a class at Three Sisters in Knoxville.  This is also Carmen's.  Hope everyone is beginning to see my classmates have been keeping their needles busy.  

On my drive to class, I passed these glorious day lilies.  The merchants in Franklin had planted them along the street.  They were everywhere and blooming in their full glory.  There must have been a few thousand!  Seeing them in their glory certainly put a smile on my face.

Whew!  There is more to share, stay tuned.

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  1. Such eye candy from the class. So inspirational for you and for us too!