Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jo Morton Raspberry Swirl

Jo Morton's Raspberry Swirl

This is June's homework assignment.  Pretty awesome!  It is going to be challenging because the pieces are getting smaller and smaller.  A Pottery Shard was 3" a Raspberry Swirl is 2 1/2."

As I sat listening to the teacher giving explanation, I was doing some deep breathing to keep from having a Jo Morton anxiety attack over the size of the pieces.  Our teacher is wonderful--her quilting is exquisite, she is helpful, and excellent in sharing tips! 

One of the tips she shared was about selecting border and backing fabric.  Her tip is to take the completed pieced top to the local needlework shop and audition fabric.  Roll the fabric out on a counter and lay the pieced quilt on top of the fabric to get a full view of what the borders will look like on the quilt.   Because there is so much color and movement in Pottery Shards, the teacher suggested a fabric which would frame the quilt.

This week has been the International Quilt Market in Kansas City.  Of course, I have been searching the internet to find postings.  Jo Morton will be releasing a line of her favorite, best selling fabric.  She will also be releasing a line called Toasted.  If you are a Jo Morton stalker follower, her website/blog is full of eye candy.

This is the fabric I have selected to use for my Raspberry Swirl.   The shirtings are Jo Morton and the other fabrics are a combination of French General and Jo Morton with a little Blackbird Designs.  The fabric at the top will be the sashings and I have a similar piece which I will use for the backing.

Now, I am going to find my brown paper bag to do some deep breathing before I start Raspberry Swirl.


  1. Your pottery shards is looking fantastic. I just love the yummy fabric you have selected for your raspberry swirl.

  2. Oh boy, that Raspberry Swirl is amazing!!!!!

  3. Good luck with the new project. I just loooove the fabrics you chose for it!!! Wow! Gorgeous! Your Pottery Shards is breathtaking as well -- the colors are luscious! I hope the small pieces are manageable for you. I bet you'll do great!