Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blossoms and Blooms

Next Year continues to delight me with endless varieties of blossoms and blooms.  Yes, it does make this gardeners heart happy.  Several folks have asked about pruning and feeding clematis and hydrangea.  First things first, some things you should know about me and gardening.
  1. I am a novice, a beginner, an apprentice, a wanna be.  A perpetual gardening student.
  2. If someone says "you can't kill it, it's hardy" they have not met me
  3. Trial and error are two of my best friends
  4. One of my many gardening mistakes:  not properly rinsing the sprayer after using Roundup and then spraying roses.  
I read gardening books, I go to gardening seminars, garden tours is one of my favorite past times, I Google gardening.

Miss Hydrangea you have done this novice proud!

These beautiful blooms have taught me the importance of proper pruning and fertilizer.

Miss Purple Coneflower is one of my survivors!

The day lilies are just beginning to bloom.  This color reminds me of peach ice cream.

This is an old variety of daylily which has been in gardens for years, gifted to me by a friend.

If you are feeling down, take a stroll in a garden, take time to smell the flowers, they will lift your spirits.

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