Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You say it's your birthday

Coming live to you from Thistle Manor--it's officially my fifth birthday.  Let the celebration begin!

My life did not get off to a great start.  I was found in a storm drain with my two sisters and taken to Happy Tails.

I am very grateful to the kind people at Happy Tails who cared for me and helped my cat-Mother through her melt down while I was being adopted.

Okay Cat Mother, I am getting tired of poising, AppleJack is popping the tuna can and tissue paper is calling my name.

Enough already with the photos, let's party!

You did remember it's my birthday and that means presents.


  1. Happy happy birthday to that cute little fur baby! Love the eyes!

  2. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Miss Callie Mae Calico
    Happy Birthday to You.