Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I decided the blog needed some changes.  In the process of tweaking the blog, I just about lost the whole thing!  Has anyone ever set out with these really good intentions and ended up with disastrous results?

One of the biggest changes:  the blog name is officially Samplings from Spring Creek (instead of stitching from Spring Creek).

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  1. You're brave. I'm sick of the way my blog looks, but I'm scared to death to change it after 6 years; what if it all goes away? It's probably the only consistent thing I've ever done.

    The job market has been tough, and I wish you best of luck. Things do seem to be turning around a bit--there are definitely more things out there, and while I didn't get any calls at all for a while, now I've got several invitations to interview. Not the same as a solid job offer, but it's very encouraging. And at least the temping pays part of the bills.