Sunday, March 11, 2012

Letters and Words

I have agonized and agonized over the letters to And All Was For An Appil.  Whew!  I thought the letters to the words was going to be the easy part.  Was I ever wrong!  The jury is still out on a couple of the letters, I am not happy with the R or the S, so I am going to sleep on them tonight and make a decision on them tomorrow.  Your input and critique is most welcome.

Now that the letters are stitched, there is one remaining motif.  Does anyone remember what it is?  Here is a clue:  hiss, forked tongue, slithers.


  1. They look good to me, but I'm thinking it would be nice seeing them in relation to the entire piece too!

    1. Hello,

      Not sure how I stumbled upon you blog, but it's too funny, I just posted my finished and framed AAWFAA. The letters...OHMYHEAVENS, were the HUGEST pain in the rear ever and the reason mine was a WIP for years. I was not happy with how mine looked, but now that the piece is in the frame and under the glass, it looks fine. That said, yours looks gorgeous and if I were you, I wouldn't give them another thought. Perfection.

  2. I missed this post, but I think that your letters look good!!

  3. Your letters look great to me!