Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Sunday Afternoon Date with Next Year

Am trying to be more faithful and diligent to Next Year.  Of course I am still digging and dividing day lilies.  I have given away more than five dozen and there are many, many more waiting to be divided.

The Japanese Maples are coming back to life.  Their leaves are just beautiful and such a variety.  This variety reminds me of red velvet cake.

This is the tree which I see while standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes.  Makes washing dishes a pleasant task.

This is another Japanese Maple--isn't the chartreuse color lovely?  The leaves are tender and delicate.
And speaking of color--here is Nellie Moser

and the Baths Pink Dianthus is beginning to bloom
Miss Lavender will soon be buzzing with bees--the bees love her flowers, so do I.
Next Year is coming back to life and needing more than a Sunday afternoon date.

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  1. How wonderful to have Japanese Maples in your garden. They wouldn't survive at Trewoon.