Monday, March 26, 2012

Jo Morton-Ohio Stars and Supervision

When I am not dividing day lilies or pulling weeds, I have been working on the Jo Morton Ohio Star class assignment.  The twelve stars are completed and the setting pieces have been cut.

My able bodied trusty supervisor has been on her job today making sure the pieces were cut correctly.

Don't let her sleepy look deceive you, she is always paying attention.

Her basket sits at the end of the work table.  She likes to be near the action.  Whew!  I had just enough of the Jo Morton Cocoa Express fabric--can't make any boo boo's or else. . .

The quilt has passed the walk through test.

And the eyes in the back of my head test.  Since I have passed inspection, it is time to get those stars sewn together and add the borders.  Whoo Hoo!


  1. Your class work is looking wonderful! Someday, I'd like to give quilting a try. The fabrics are all so pretty to play with.

    I've passed on to you an award that was given to me, The Liebster Award. When you have a chance, please check it out here:


  2. Fantastic! Great job -- it's so pretty! Love the pics of your helper too. lol!

  3. Beautiful quilt and I am glad your trusty assistant approves!!