Monday, March 19, 2012

How I spend my Sunday afternoons

Ahhh Sunday afternoons, is there a more wonderful afternoon?  Some people are glued to their television sets watching March madness.  Other people take a very needed afternoon nap. Some people take in a movie or shop or visit or catch up on neglected chores.  Typically, I spend my Sunday afternoons with Next Year--the garden. 

The very mild winter and early spring has made for many gardening chores.  The area behind Thistle Manor is very woodsy.  The woodsy environment is good for the Lenten Rose.  Unfortunately, the woodsy environment is also good for privet.  I have learned if privet goes unchecked, it will slowly invade and take over everything in its path. 

Another gardening chore has been dividing the daylilies.  Last week, I gave away more than a dozen daylilies.  Today, I will be sharing more than two dozen.  There are several more dozen to dig, divide and share.  I will be donating daylilies to Habitat for Humanity and the Napier and Chestnut Hill Community Gardens.  In the words of Grandmother Bessie "I have a bumper crop." 

When not removing privet or dividing day lilies I have pulled a few thousand hundred weeds, fertilized, sprayed and staked the roses, tied up the clematis and planted ground cover.  Next Year has been neglected and needs much of my attention.  My favorite tree, the dogwood, is on the verge of blooming.  The Dogwood Arts Festive in Knoxville will be starting next week.  If you have never attended this event, mark it on your calendar, you will see some awesome gardens. 

The Yoshino Cherry tree is also blooming.  I feel like Anne of Green Gables  walking under the white avenue of delight when I see these trees blooming.

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  1. I could have written this post, it is so how I am, much preferring to spend time gardening than wasting it in front of the television during the daytime. If it's nice out, there we be! Oh, I dread it when I am forced to do something with the lilies, for I have tons, and I think they have quadrupled this past winter. I hope at some point you will post pictures when yours bloom. They are amongst my favorites.