Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jo Morton--Stars Homework

Between weeding and meetings, I have been working on my Jo Morton homework.  The stars have been sewn together on the diagonal.  The batting covered foam core board makes the task so much easier!

I do not have to plan for imperfections in my work--the imperfections come naturally.  I call my quilting primitive rather than precise.  Time to add the borders.  Since the stars are red and blue, I decided to use red as the inner border and blue as the outer border.

I thought about using this fabric for the outer boarder, but it seemed to overwhelm the quilt.  The blue fabric I choose for the outer border  has gold in the fabric which I thought worked better with the gold setting fabric.

While I was at the fabric store I also found this fabric, Civil War Ladies by RJR Fabrics.

Now, for the quilting and binding!


  1. Love the colors! Good choices for your borders.

  2. Looking so pretty! Love those fabrics you're showing too. I think you picked well for your border fabrics.

  3. Your stars look wonderful... love your fabric choices.