Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Decisions Decisions

Decisions, decisions.  After finishing a BAP like AAWFAP it is time to make a choice decision about the next project.  Whew!  So many projects, so many creative designs, so many things to choose, it is very difficult!  (I sure do enjoy the process of choosing). 

After working on a BAP for a l o n g time, I will be choosing a smaller,  instant gratification, I finished something project.  Everyone get ready for a big belly laugh.  Remember my fear of snakes, remember I said I have many Adam and Eve samplers in my repertoire of stitching stash/inventory?  Ta Da!

Yes, one of the two smaller projects I have chosen for my next project is another Adam and Eve.  I was dong some spring cleaning in the All-Purpose room and came across a WIP sampler from Remember the Ladies.  It is a small sampler.  (Compared to AAWFAA it is tiny).  I couldn't remember why I stopped working on it.  It did not take me long to figure it out, yes, a counting error.  A few dozen reverse stitches later, I am back on track.  In spite of the snake and my fear, I would love to have a wall of Adam and Eve samplers.  With one Adam and Eve under my belt, I am ready for another.  AppleJack says I have fallen in love with the First Family, he might be right.

The second project I have chosen is Blackbird's Crowning the Tree stocking.  Christmas is such a special time and nothing says Christmas to me like handmade ornaments stitched with love.  My goal is to stitch an ornament a month and I am two ornaments behind.  Have I mentioned I have never met this goal. 


  1. I like both your choices - of course, I always love A&E's. I'm still oggling over your AAWFAA finish. It really is breathtaking!!

  2. You've chosen two wonderful projects. I think when I finish Ann Grant I'm going to do a small project too.

  3. What a great A&E sampler! Or shoud I write First Family? ;)
    Love the stocking ~ I'm working on one of the BBD stockings myself for my ornament goal of one a month! Get cracking and catch up on those ornaments!!

  4. I fancy a change too. I have been thinking about a blackwork project or Judy Odell's Ladies Cabinet to warm up for Thistle Threads Cabinet of Curiosities.

  5. Oh gosh, I love both those projects!! Well, you know me and A&E's. lol! I think I have that one in my stash -- I hope I do! And BBD -- I have a weakness for them too!

    As for your almost losing everything on your blog -- yes, I've had that experience. Yikes! It's a scary thing! That's why mine hasn't changed in a long time. lolol! I should try a change though, I suppose..... Nah!