Friday, March 16, 2012

Jo Morton Yankee Doodle Class #3

Ever had one of those days when you had set an agenda for yourself and then. . . I am having that kind of day.  The calendar says it is still winter, the thermostat says it is eighty degrees.  Mother Nature are you messing with me?  The day lilies  need dividing.  I had my gardening agenda all set, my gardening clothes ready, my tools sharpened.  It started raining last night.  Grandmother Bessie always said "it takes rain to make the flowers grow."  I was glad it was raining, easier to pull the weeds, easier to divide the day lilies.  Except this morning, it is still raining.

Tomorrow is the third Jo Morton Little Woman class--applique!  Today, instead of using gardening tools as I had planned, I will be using appliqué tools.

Remember my nice gift from Nicola (Stitching by the Cornish Sea), it has been a great help.  Thank you Nicola.

Fabric selection--my favorite part.  Since the name of this quilt is Yankee Doodle, I am going with red, white, blue theme.  My stash of red and blue is deep and wide.

Throw in some tracing, pressing,  and cutting, I have the beginning of a quilt.  Since it is still raining and the ground is totally saturated there is no excuse for some blind stitching.

Now, where are those big girl britches?

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  1. Oh it looks great!!! Love your fabric selection!