Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ahead or behind?

I have been working on the satin stitch of An All Was For An Appil.  I was so excited to reach this point because I am nearing the finish line.  Well . . .who wants to say compensation stitch?  It is driving me crazy.  If anyone who has stitched this sampler has any helpful hints on stitching the satin stitch letters, please share.

In the meantime, I needed a break from this sampler and I picked up the easiest quickest stitch I could find in my stash.  Has anyone ever heard the phrase "I'm so far behind, I think I am ahead?"  I am either three months behind or nine months ahead.

Each year I say to myself "I am going to stitch one Christmas ornament a month."  I don't think I have ever reached this goal.  This Merry Christmas is a freebie, it has been in my stash so long I have forgotten who designed.  The year 1885--that was the year Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda moved from Spring Creek North Carolina to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Am going to finish this ornament using the French General Rouenneries by Moda.  I had several skeins of Gentle Arts Lambswool in my stash and it seemed to work well with the fabric.

Decision time.  Am I going to tackle the satin stitch letters of the sampler or get more instant gratification on another simple design?


  1. Finish the letters, quit thinking about it. You will be glad you did!

  2. I say finish the letters and then it will be behind you!! Then you can have a happy dance because it's finished!!

  3. Finish those letters... my AAWFAA has been sitting, finished all but the letters, for a couple of years now. Maybe you'll inspire me to get my satin stitched letters completed.

  4. Girl, do the letters! I tried first outlining the letters and filling them in, then doing the fill in and doing the letters. Neither was easy. In the end, since I was using 2 strands on 30 ct, I added a third strand for coverage and just plodded through it, filling it in as best I could. When I took it in for framing, the LNS lady asked me--upon looking at it super close--what stitch it was. LOL You know what? I don't even care! I told her that it was supposed to be satin stitch but it was done. I have another friend (besides Laurie) who has stopped at the letters out of frustration. I'm normally fussy about satin stitching because I think I do a relatively good job at it but I just wanted the flipping thing done--plus I thought it'd take me a day and I spent waaaaay longer than that on it.

    You go girl on the ornament!

  5. Just think how nice it will feel to have those letters done! Just get 'er done!

  6. Your ornament is a sweet tribute to your great grandmother! Pretty colors and I love the Moda fabric.

    I can't advise you on the letters as I tend to procrastinate, but it is a beautiful piece.