Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a classic!  Through the years there have many actors who have played the role of Scrooge.  George C. Scott as Scrooge is one of my favorites. Alastair Sim is the favorite of many others.  I am not a fan of scary movies and the ghost of Christmas past sometimes scarred the willies out of me.  I was willing to close my eyes during the scary part because I knew the movie has such a happy ending, when Scrooge is running through the streets shouting "Merry Christmas."  

This Merry Christmas is a Goode Huswife design.

The second Merry Christmas was a freebie design which was printed in a newsletter from a needlework shop.

The third Merry Christmas is a Stacy Nash design.

A fourth and fifth Merry Christmas is waiting in my stash bag.  One is a Quaker Christmas Sampler by Carriage House and the other is Primitive Merry Christmas by Chartmakers.   Here is the rest of story why numbers four and five are still in my stash bag.  I love overdyed fabric and fibers.  I have done some serious shopping for just the right piece of overdyed fabric.  I have spent hours collecting black walnuts, saving coffee grounds and stirring over the dye pot to get just the right aged look.   I have a stash of walnut crystals.  Quaker Christmas was in progress when someone looked at the piece and said "you are stitching on the wrong side of the fabric."  Primitive Merry Christmas is one of those charts which migrates from place to place.  I find it, file it in a place I am sure I will remember where I have filed and then start the whole process over again.  Come on 'fess up, how many others have done this? 

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  1. Ummm yeah, guilty! I have a terrible habit of stashing things in safe places and then never remember where that safe place is. Right now I'm missing chenille trim that I KNOW I just saw recently. Ugh.

    Love your Merry Christmas designs!