Friday, December 2, 2011

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
Your branches green delight us!

Okay admit it, how many of you find yourselves singing along with this cherished Christmas carol?  It is no secret, I love Christmas!  I love Christmas decorations, music, food and traditions.  The smell of cedar and pine always put me in a festive mood.  My friend Sandra also loves Christmas and she has nine Christmas trees!  I am slow and my energy level is not as high as Sandra's.  There are six trees at our home.  With proper motivation, there might be a seventh.  Let the tour begin. 

Feather trees were created in Germany in the late 1880's or 1890's and are regarded as one of the first types of artificial Christmas trees.  Feather trees were initially made of dyed goose and turkey feathers which were attached to wires which became the branches for the first artificial tree.  Some trees had composition berries on the tips while others had holders for candles.  This feather tree has berries on the tips.  If you look closely at the photo, you will notice several of the berries are missing.  The berries are missing because our cat, The General ate them!  The feather tree is decorated with miniature white oak baskets.  Our flock of sheep is keeping watch over the tree to make sure there is not a second cat attack on the remaining berries.

The second tree is a grapevine tree.  One of the benefits of living near a winery is the pruning of the grapevines.  The vines are used to make wreaths and Christmas trees.  This grapevine tree has been decorated with a rose hip garland.  Rose hips make a lovely garland, but the thorns on the rose bush are brutal.  Ouch!  Yarrow is drying and will be added.

 The angel tree sits atop a dresser in our guest room.  The angel tree is sitting on a beautiful white work runner.  I purchased the runner at a crafts show several years ago from a Vietnamese lady.  I did not speak Vietnamese and she did not speak English, but we both spoke needlework.  Sadly, shortly after meeting her, her son was tragically killed in an automobile accident and she returned to Vietnam.

Sitting in the dry sink is the Grandmother tree.  The Grandmother tree is decorated with all needlework ornaments.  Do not ask me how many years I have worked to have enough ornaments to decorate this tree.  Let's just say, I am a slow stitcher and it has taken many years. 

 Sitting beside the tree is a dough bowl filled with pillows.  My Great Great Grandmother was named Anne Elizabeth and she lived in Spring Creek, North Carolina.  Sarah Miranda, my Great Grandmother and Anne Elizabeth's only daughter, loved the color red.  Many of my needlework pieces are stitched in red for Sarah Miranda.  Thistle Manor is what we call our home.  Not because we live in a manor, but because of the thistles which grow in our yard. 

The snowman tree is a reminder to enjoy the season called winter.  Winter is one of the four seasons and I have learned to love winter for its own special uniqueness.  Warm, soft, cuddleduds, hot cider, soups simmering on the stove are all compliments of winter.  The gardener in me also says there are no weeds to be pulled and more stitching time.

The snowmen are keeping watch over their tree also, never know when another cat attack might happen!

The last tree is a treasured collection of ornaments bought while traveling, ornaments from family and friends, and hand made ornaments.  Sis, my husband's sister, gave us the Jack's ornament.  My friend Diana painted the angel.  The sheep came from Colonial Williamsburg.  This tree is a reminder of treasured family, friends, and travels and an appreciation of skilled hands.

The seventh tree, the mystery tree.  Hmmm.  If time and energy prevail, the seventh tree will become a reality.  If not stay tuned next year for the unveiling of the seventh tree.  Let's just say think the White House and stockings.


  1. I love all of your trees and the stories behind the trees and decorations. I feel like a total slacker with just one tree, but I aspire to have more! I love the collectioon of smalls, too.

  2. Oh wow! I love all your trees!!! The smalls are wonderful too. Your home looks beautiful!

  3. I love your blog! And it's put me in the Christmas spirit even more! :).