Saturday, December 10, 2011

Miranda was a weaver

Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda was a weaver.  No, her surname was not weaver, she learned to weave blankets and coverlets to provide income and warmth for her family.  Grandmother Sarah Miranda was born in the mountains of western North Carolina.  In January of 1885, Sarah Miranda moved to the mountains of east Tennessee with her husband, five sons, and her parents. To add a little more interest to the move, she was pregnant with her sixth child.

The family moved into a large house which had been owned by W. R. Loveday and his wife Maude.  In one of the upstairs bedrooms, Sarah Miranda set up her loom.  According to Grandmother Bessie, Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda would retire to the "weaving room" each evening after supper.  Four additional sons were born to Sarah Miranda and John Palmer after moving to Tennessee.  Can you image being the Mother of nine sons?  I can't.  Grandmother Sarah Miranda wove a blanket/coverlet for each of the nine sons.

Sitting beside the bed is a sampler designed by Anne Brown, The Goode Huswife called A Elizabeth.  Since Great Great Grandmother was Anne Elizabeth this sampler would be right at home in the Grandmother room.

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous coverlet! Lucky you--what a treasure! Love the A Elizabeth, too. I am anxious to stitch that for my house--hopefully in 2012!