Monday, December 5, 2011

The stockings were hung

The poem, The Night Before Christmas says the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.  We have a very hot fireplace and a very curious cat.  To keep the stockings from going up in flames or being subjected to a cat attack, these stockings are hung on the pie safe. 

The first stocking which was stitched was The Generals, aka Bobo kitty.  This stocking is a Shepherd's Bush design (Peter's stocking).  Instead of using the 18 count natural linen which the original stocking was stitched, I downsized and used 32 count natural linen.  One of the challenges with downsizing  was the embellishments also had to be downsized.

The second stocking which was stitched was Katie's.  Another Shepherd's Bush design (Sophie's stocking).  Since Katie and The General were brother and sister, I wanted their stockings to be the same size.  More downsizing, more shopping for embellishments.

The third stocking stitched was for Miss Callie Mae Callico.  Yes, you guessed it, another Shepherd's Bush design ( Tina's stocking). 

I now interrupt this special Christmas moment for some Christmas reality.  How many of you have watched the movie Christmas Vacation?  There are so many classic scenes and lines from this movie.  One of my favorites is when Clark is working on the Christmas lights and he almost electrocutes himself.  Look closely at the photo below--the lights on the left side are working, the lights on the right side are not.  Being the highly intelligent resourceful girl that I am, I decided to take matters into my own hands and repair the lights.  Let's just say it was a Clark Griswold moment!  AppleJack where are you? 



  1. Oh the stockings are beautiful! I love how you stitched them on 32ct instead!

  2. The stockings are beautiful. You pie safe looks wonderful all decked out for the holidays.

  3. Ah, 32 ct--much better than 18!! They look great! I love your pie safe, too.

  4. Your stocking are beautiful,,I have done one on the 18ct req fabric and I dont like using it,,and looking for another choice thank for sharing your choice of fabric, did you use dmc thread? and did they end up being a good size for reg stockings? Thanks

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful stockings!