Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pears Part Deux

Linda Lautenschlager, Chessie and Me is the designer for Pears Part Deux.  Homespun Corner, a needlework shop was teaching a class on the wool applique runner.  When I made this piece, Weeks Dye Works had introduced overdyed wools.  All these elements was just a win win for me--a new design, a class, learning a new technique, overdyed wools, laugher with fellow needleworkers, good food and fun.  Doesn't get any better!    One of the things I learned while making this applique piece was using freezer paper.  Tracing the design on the freezer paper, ironing the freezer paper to the wool and then cutting results in more accuracy.

In conjunction with the applique runner, Linda also designed a cross stitch Pear pyncushion.  Why, of course I stitched it.  If one is good, two is even better.  No I am not a bit OCD, why do you ask? 

My framer and finisher are extremely talented women.  Each of them has learned to bring out the best in the pieces they frame and finish.  Here is the back of the pyncushion--again, just the perfect fabric.

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  1. Love those pears :-)!!!! And I definitely think two is better, LOL.