Saturday, December 24, 2011


Each year Just Cross Stitch magazine releases their annual Christmas ornament issue.  I eagerly anticipate this special publication each year and make many trips to the bookstands to ensure I have a copy.  When I have the ornament issue in my hot little hands, I read it from cover to cover, many times.  I look for my favorite designers and new designers.  I read the stitch illustration section.  I read the "where to find it" section.

 In conjunction with this magazine Shepherd's Bush Printworks has a charm to embellish their ornament.  Through the years the charms have included folk hearts, a shepherd's crook, a horn, their signature sheep, a star, an inn, a silver moon and the list goes on.  Thinking I would stitch the ornament, I purchased the charm.  Soon I had an accumulation of charms but unstitched ornaments.  What does one do with an accumulation of charms?  Make a charm bracelet!


  1. What a clever idea. Merry Christmas!

  2. Genius idea~~ I bet alot of us could have the coolest charm bracelets ever if we did this....

    Merry Christmas and a blessed 2012....

    Always, Faye