Friday, December 30, 2011

Seeing Stars

In March of 2011 the American Folk Art Museum had a quilt exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory called Infinite Variety.  The exhibit featured 650 red and white quilts from the collection of Joanna S. Rose.  The exhibit was packed with quilting enthusiasts.  I did not see the exhibit, I think I would have been in sensory overdrive.

Reading about this exhibit and seeing via newspaper, magazines, Internet some of the quilts started me thinking about making a red and white quilt of my own.  Remember, Grandmother Sarah Miranda loved the color red.  I found a freebie pattern called Just One Star.  I looked in my fabric stash box one day and said Eureka!  I have a lot of red fabric.

 While cleaning out a closet one day, I found toile fabric.

 The elements are starting to align--right design, right color, right fabric.  I believe it is all coming together.  Red Stars for Christmas 2012 sounds like a good plan.

From my best estimate, I think the quilt will require approximately 100 stars.  To date, I have made thirty.  It would be wonderful if all the stars could be a different color of red fabric, but alas I do not have this much red fabric in my stash.  I do think I will shop for an appropriate red fabric to make the sashing.

AppleJack wanted to know why I had a needle threader caught in my hair.  Some things are just hard to explain.


  1. Oh my gosh, that quilt is going to be stunning! I love red and love stars. Great combo!

  2. Your toile fabric is lovely. Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I love red and white quilts and stitched pieces.

  3. Hey at least you can find your needle threader. Beautiful progress on your stars. The toile fabric is gorgeous. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy New Year, may it bring you gifts of joy, health and happiness and lots of stitching time for you.

  4. Your red and white star quilt will be beautiful! I love red and white quilts, and I love toiles! I look forward to seeing this quilt grow.