Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Dishes

Presentation.  If you watch Food Network shows, there are frequent references to presentation.  The Barefoot Contessa does it with style and grace, like Sis.  I will have to agree food does taste better when it is presented with appeal.  AppleJack says his Hillbilly Steak aka bologna sandwich tastes better on a plate--a real plate.

From the late 1940's to the mid-1950's The Homer Laughlin China Company produced a line of china known as Americana.  The special achievement of Homer Laughlin China Company has always been its ability to mass produce inexpensive dinnerware with outstanding artistic value.  Althought their line of Currier and Ives was short lived, it is recognized as the first ware of its kind to successfully translate the rose colored transfer patterns found on expensive English china onto quality everyday dinnerware.  Homer Laughlin "Currier and Ives"  dinnerware pieces are quiet common finds at local antique shopes and malls.  Get the car gased up AppleJack, there is antiquing on our agenda.

Whenever I am feeling down in the dumps, I treat myself to eating on the Homer Laughlin china, the food does taste better and makes me feel special.

The Ruby Red vases were a gift to AppleJack from his Aunt's Avo, Cleo and Minnie.  The vases add such a festive touch to the red plates.


  1. Table runner is beautiful. Did you make it? I agree about the plates. Presentation is very important. You eat with your eyes as well as your taste buds.

  2. Love your plates...one should always use the good china for a special treat or any time!