Thursday, December 22, 2011

Silk Ribbon

When I walk into a fabric shop or hobby store one of the sections I never miss is the ribbon, the silk ribbon.  Rubbing my fingers across the silkiness immediately soothes my soul.  I look at colors, not because I am looking for a specific color, but I look for interesting ones that give me inspiration and motivation to work on my ever growing list of projects.  I have been known to purchase silk ribbon for these reasons alone.

I use ribbon in many ways.  I tie my letters from my cherished friend Cindy with silk ribbon.

This over dyed silk ribbon added the perfect embellishment for this Christmas ornament.

Ribbon ties for a needle case.

Well. . . if you are thinking I have an affinity for silk ribbon, let me share Miss Callie Mae's silk ribbon tale of woe.  Yes, Miss Callie Mae has an addiction to fibers.  Her drug fiber of choice is silk ribbon.  When no silk ribbon is available she will settle for a ball of pearl cotton or over dyed fiber, but silk ribbon is her first choice.

Roll the tape back, AppleJack.  The setting is New Year's Eve.  We had just returned home and realized when we walked in the door that something was wrong with Miss Calico.  Crying, upset tummy, not eating, something was wrong, very wrong.   When I walked into the All Purpose room I immediately knew what was wrong.  Miss Callie Mae had been playing with a 16" length of silk ribbon.  The ribbon was missing and with a sinking feeling, I had suspicions where the ribbon was.

Miss Callie Mae was placed into the carrier and off to the Pet Emergency Room we go.  An X-ray showed the ribbon to be in her digestive tract.  The good news, the ribbon was moving and there was no blockage.  In the words of the vet, "what goes in, must come out."  Now would be a good time to give your imaginations a rest.  Let me just say, silk ribbon looks very different when it crosses to the other side.

It took Miss Callie Mae Calico a couple of days to recover from her silk ribbon adventure.  However; this very bad experience did not stop her fiber addiction.  She has eaten smaller lengths of fiber and she is constantly on the prowl looking for fibers.  She is creative in her search, finding her in places I did not think possible for her to fit.  The silk ribbon is now under lock and key.

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