Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Stitching Plans

I am a list maker!  My lists sometimes make AppleJack roll his eyes!  There is the standard list--groceries and Honey Do list.  The other lists are the stitching, quilting, and rug hooking lists.  Dave Ramsey, author and founder of Financial Peace University says "no one plans to fail, but most fail to plan."  I do not make New Year's resolutions, I make lists plans.  As 2012 is barking on my heels, it is time to start making the stitching, quilting, and rug hooking plans.

Stitching Plans 2012 (please do not come home to haunte me)

1.  An All Was For An Appil by the Scarlet Letter

I have admired this sampler for years.  My love affair with this sampler began when I saw Carmen's.  When I visit Carmen, I also visit this sampler.  For me, this Adam and Eve sampler is the epitome of all Adam and Eve samplers.  The guilty looks, the "I've just been caught with my hand in the cookie jar look,"  the colors, the animals, the scale.

 This sampler is big, I am stitching on a 28" x 18" piece of 32 count linen.  I keep telling myself I am half finished.  I started stitching the sampler in the lower left hand corner because this seemed to be the most dense part and I did not want to do this part last.  Many have stitched this sampler and I admire each and every one.  My plan is to join the ranks of those who have completed the sampler.

2.  Ann Pennsylvania Peacock aka Anne Magnolia by Little by Little

Annie Magnolia was AppleJack's Grandmother.  Isn't this a wonderful name?  Isn't this a name calling to be stitched?  Annie Magnolia affectionately called "Ma" by her family is one of the most fun people in AppleJack's family.  Whenever I am with AppleJack's family especially Sisters, Sis and Sister C, we always talk about Ma.  I will never tire of hearing the stories about Ma.  Again, this sampler sings to my heart because there are so many quirky elements.  Annie Magnolia is bigger than the house!   She had a problem with spelling.  She loved her dog. 

3.  Smalls--As both Appill and Annie are large samplers and I am a S L O W stitcher, I stitch many smalls.  Smalls give me instant results.  I get to say I have finished something.  Some of the smalls on my 2012 plan list are:  Nick by Notforgotten Farm, Primitive Merry Christmas by Chartmakers, a freebie Merry Christmas using French General fabric as the backing, Crowning the Tree by Blackbird Designs.

I also have some Valentine items of smalls by Pineberry Lane.  One is called Redwork Sampler Pillow and the other is Token of Love.

I found some beautiful overdyed wool in my stash and I have decided to use it as backing for Waiting for the Harvest by Blackbird Designs.  And because I love primitives and quirky designs I have included Fancey's Sunflower by Pineberry Lane.

Whew!  For me, this is an ambitious list plan!  We will see how it goes.  It is a good thing I have Callie Mae an alarm clock set for early rising.  Let's hope Life and the new designs from the Nashville Needlework Market in February do not make my plans go amuck!


  1. You have wonderful projects picked for 2012. Happy New Year!

  2. I love your list of projects! I have a list of things I want to finish but then also a list of new starts. I need to nail my pants to the love seat so I can get everything accomplished! ;)

  3. Love all your projects!!!! And I am excited you are thinking of changing the name on APP!!! I've been thinking about doing that too :-).