Friday, April 6, 2012


One hundred years ago, when I began stitching.  Okay, a few years short of one hundred years ago, when I started stitching embroidery scissors could not be found in abundance or interest like the scissors offered for sale today.

I was so very disappointed with the bland, blah, scissors.  I saw pictures of interesting scissors in needle books and magazines.  I was constantly on the search for interesting scissors.

Then it happened. . .I began to find classic, beautiful scissors.  My scissor collection started to grow.

And it grew

and it continued to grow

and there were series of scissors

and Sajou scissors

Of course, the scissors needed fobs, and tassels.

AppleJack found an antique watch cabinet which became a home for the growing scissor collection.  I am always on the look out for scissors and fobs and tassels for the scissors.

I ordered two pairs of scissors today--the collection just grew some more.

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  1. Ok, you need to show off the antique watch cabinet too. lol! What a collection you have!! Wow! I'm totally envious! I love scissors too! I want some Sajou scissors so badly! And you have what -- 3 pairs? Lucky. lol! Thanks for showing your collection. Fantastic!