Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Making Plans

Dave Ramsey, author and founder of Financial Peace University says:  "No one plans to fail, but many fail to plan."  This is one of the many lessons AppleJack and I have learned.    We talk about many things, but have learned unless we choose a date and start making plans, things do not happen.

When we first hiked to Mt. LeConte we planned for months.  We walked many, many miles preparing ourselves for the hike.  We bought new hiking shoes and socks.  We studied trails and weather.  We ate healthy and learned to make tasty granola.

This October is a big month for us--we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.  Yesterday we made plans to celebrate our anniversary at our place when we have shared some of the most wonderful days of our lives together--Mt. LeConte.

We are giving ourselves six months to get in shape for this hike.  Hiking to the top of Mt. LeConte is like a stress test and with each step the elevation rises.   It will not be easy.

We dusted off the hiking boots today and took a hike around Radnor Lake.
  It was a glorious spring day!
The honeysuckle is blooming and everywhere we turned there was a glorious smell.
AppleJack paused for a rest break on the spillway bridge.
We choose the date for our hike to Mt. LeConte while sitting in the rockers on the front porch of the former caretakers.
The mallards, Canadian Geese and turtles were also enjoying the day and making plans.

Radnor is a beautiful peaceful place.  We will be walking many miles here during the upcoming months in preparation for our hike to LeConte.

Our shoes and socks may look as worn and tattered as this rocking chair, our hearts will be healthier and happy.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful and healthy way to celebrate your 25th. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!