Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More than Two

Yes, there are more than two blooms.  Patience, persistence, and diligence are finally rewarding me!

Yes, even the peony which has never bloomed is blooming!  I feel like a proud parent watching their child take the first steps.

And blooming in the background is Ballerina, she is from The Antique Rose Emporium.  Never heard of The Antique Rose Emporium--check it out--they are the bomb.

S L O W L Y I am finding my stitching mojo.  After taking a break and studying my stash, I am working on House # 3 of The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House.  I am not stitching the entire piece, just House #3.  The house reminds me of a photo I saw of Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda's house.  I will be renaming the piece--Spring Creek, North Carolina.  The linen I am using is from Picture This Plus and the fibers are NPI's.  After numerous counting errors, I am finally beginning to make progress (but not enough to photo).

It is a beautiful day in Music City and Next Year is full of blooms and surprises.  Am going to take time to smell the roses!


  1. I love glad you have blooms this year! My plants are just beginning to sprout. Up here in Pennsylvania peonies don't usually bloom until May/June. Hope I have luck with an abundance of flowers this year too!

  2. Beautiful flowers. I sure enjoyed your visit today and getting to meet you. Looking forward to seeing you again. I am now a follower and have you bookmarked.