Monday, April 2, 2012

Christmas Ornaments

Every year I set the same goal for myself:  stitch one Christmas ornament a month.  I have never made this goal and I will continue to set this same goal for myself in 2013.  It is now April and I should have three ornaments stitched.  Nope, I have one.  I am currently stitching the Blackbird Girls Design called Crowning the Tree.

All the fibers used in this design are over dyed.  WOW!  There is huge variegation in the over dyed fibers!

It is in the eighties in Music City and it is April 2.  I will remember this when I enjoy this ornament in December.


  1. Very pretty! Yeah, overdyeds are not my favorite thing. I prefer good solid colors.

  2. I always set those Christmas ornament goals too! One year I did get about 6 PS Santas stitched, but they're still not finished into ornaments! With your start, you are already one ahead of me this year!