Friday, April 13, 2012

Liberty Hill Stitcher's Station

Liberty Hill has added to their collection!  The latest stitcher necessity is called Stitcher's Station.  There are three separate dividers, a special place for needles and a scissors block.  It is hand painted on all sides in the unique style of Liberty Hill.  A 4" ruler, handpainted threadwinder and a handmade paper pouch for needles is included. 

There is a limited edition supply.   Silver Needle, Elegant Stitch, and Attic Needleworks are taking orders.  (They may be others, check and support your LNS). 

Also on the horizon is the OnLine Needlework Show April 19-24.  Always fun to see the latest designs.  Kelmscott has a new needleminder called Friendship Claddagh.  Shhhh, don't tell AppleJack I am making a shopping list.

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