Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Solstice

Mt LeConte
Great Smoky Mountain National Park
October 29, 2005

Winter solstice 2012 begins on Friday.  Grandmother Bessie taught me to have an appreciation for each season.  This is one of my favorite winter photos.  The day was a scene right out of winter wonderland.  It was breathtakingly beautiful. 

Max Patch North Carolina
Part of the Appalachian Trail
March 4, 2007

AppleJack was really cold!  The wind was howling!  Max Patch is a bald mountain in Madison County, North Carolina.  The mountain bald was cleared in the 1800's for sheep and cattle grazing.  Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda lived a few miles from Max Patch.

Indian Creek
Great Smoky Mountain National Park
March 2, 2005

AppleJack and me at Indian Creek.  The wheel laying in the creek came off a logging train.  The logging train fell off the side of the mountain into Indian Creek.  (One of the many stories shared by Grandmother Bessie about living in the mountains).  

In spite of the cold, driving in the snow and higher heating bills, I hope everyone will look for the beauty in winter.  Throw another log on the fire, warm your hands with a hot mug of hot chocolate and stitch, stitch, stitch.


  1. I love seeing your pics and reading your family stories ~ especially since I have been to some of those places!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely pics. I always envy those who still live close to where their family history lies. Love hearing your stories!

  3. Seems strange looking at all that snow! I'm off week after christmas call me they are also having inventory sale at quilt shop and we need to frame things!!!

  4. Beautiful snow pictures, and an interesting story that Grandmother Bessie shared with you!

  5. Applejack certainly does look cold.

    The cost of heating fuel has gone up considerably on the UK. We tink twice before we put the central heating on. Thank God for a good wood burner, so yes throw another log on and stitch.