Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Workshop at Thistle Manor

The Primitive Hare
Valentine (Freebie)

Here is Lydia's companion piece.  I think Grandfather Valentine would approve of the Weeks Lancaster Red.  (When he arrived in America, he lived in Lancaster County Pennsylvania).  A very fun stitch.

My linen dilemma--the fabric on the top is R & R Reproductions 18 Century Brown, the linen on the bottom is R & R Reproductions 18 Century Coffee Bean.  One of my many telephone calls this past week was to Dyeing to Stitch (home of R & R Reproductions), I was hoping they had 18 Century Brown but no luck.

This is the 32 count Examplar by Lakeside.  Not my first choice, but . . .

Isabella Fox
The postmen and women are working hard making Christmas deliveries.  This is an awesome sampler and I am itching to begin stitching.  So many fun elements in this design:  Adam and Eve, the border, the motifs.  Am putting this sampler on my priority list for 2013.

This is a very busy time of year for workshops all over the world.  There is shopping, decorating, baking, and special deliveries.  I have been working on another UFO which is getting close to completion and if I can manage a few more hours in the workshop, will have another finish to share.


  1. Love your Valentine finish! Hope the dilemma on the linen is worked out to your satisfaction. I love Isabella Fox too and have her on order!

  2. The coffee bean looks so dark ~ I do like your colors on the Examplar, but can see why it still isn't hitting you compared to the century brown. Hope you find something that seems right! Isabella Fox is stunning! Looking forward to seeing you bring it to life!

  3. Isabella is a must stitch Betty.