Saturday, December 15, 2012

primitivebettys Crow

Crow (Freebie 2010)
35 count Havana by Weeks Dye Works
584 Burnt Umber Needlepoint Silk

This is one of the projects which led AppleJack to ask me if I was confused about the seasons.  I found this box at the GoodWill and thought the freebie would make a nice box topper.  My friend, Cindy loves Halloween and this will be a gift for her.  The pumpkin scissors came in the mail yesterday. 

Finally, got the Flying Geese sewn together.  Did not realize how badly my sewing machine needed a service call until AppleJack brought it home from the repair shop.  Sews like a dream!  The quilt is off to the long arm quilter, will share pictures when it is returned.

Been a busy day at Thistle Manor with sewing, stitching, and baking.  I have started Hannah Breed, from the Scarlet Letter.  When I have more stitching completed, I will share a photo.  


  1. Nice progress on your seasonal non-season piece. lol! Love the scissors!

  2. Cute scissors and I like the design too.

  3. We must like the same things. I did this design a few weeks it!

  4. Such sweet scissors Betty. THe box and stitched top will make such a nice present for your friend. I use your bookmark regularly. Homemade gifts are the ones to be treasured.