Saturday, December 1, 2012

Diligence, The Scarlet Letter

Home of The Scarlet Letter
(Photo Country Home magazine August 1989)

(Photo Country Living magazine August 1993)

(Photo Colonial Homes magazine June/July 1999)

Premier Issue of Fine Lines Magazine Summer 1996
(featuring The Scarlet Letter)

Since joining Nicola in celebration of her red letter year with the The Scarlet Letter, I have been digging deep into my stash.  Hannah Breed is the sampler I have chosen to stitch.  While I was searching for Hannah,  I discovered my file on The Scarlet Letter.  Step 1:  I am a Scarlet Letter addict groupie. 

Through the years, several magazines have written stories featuring The Scarlet Letter.  Yes, I savor each  article and photo and hope Marsha has shared a design or two. 

Nicola has generated a new excitement with sampler enthusiast.  Other stitchers like myself are digging into their stash, starting to stitch new samplers and resurrecting other samplers.  Following the progress, encouraging and cheering, sharing finishes, and seeing framed pieces will be a good motivator. 

Now. . . I need to order some silk fibers and decide on linen for Hannah.


  1. That's soooo cool! I've never seen Marsha's home before. Did you know she wrote a novel once too? So neat!

  2. Betty, this is such an interesting post please share it with the group. I would love to know what the writing says on the photo of Diligence.

  3. Hi, I am Hannah Breed in my stash also, but have chosen to stitch SL's Christmas Sampler first. Maybe I can get to Hannah next. Thanks for sharing these interesting photos.


  4. So cool to see Marsha's place. We visited there about 20 yeas ago...if you ever have a chance to visit, do not pass it up. Isn't Nicola's SAL the best fun?

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I miss Fine Lines, don't you!