Sunday, December 16, 2012

The White House Christmas Tree

We all have our favorite Christmas traditions.  One of my favorite Christmas traditions is watching the hgtv special of the decorating and decorations at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or the White House.  Each year, the First Lady chooses a theme and a small army of volunteers and floral designers transform the White House (or the Peoples House) into something magical.  The Blue Room Tree is always my favorite.  The decorations on this tree are made by the people--craftsmen and women, artisans, and the embroidress.

David, our very loved nephew lived in Washington for several years.  One Christmas, David gifted the women in his family with a White House Christmas ornament.   And the collection grew.

and continues to grow

Decorating at Thistle Manor is more primitive than formal, The White House Christmas tree is the exception.

This ornament was made for one of the trees at Cheekwood.

The stockings were a class I took at a LNS to help me learn different techniques.

There is an AppleJack stocking.

Some patriotism

A Blackbird sampler stocking

This one is for you Sister C--two birds

Sometimes I think having an army of volunteers and floral designers transform Thistle Manor into a magical place would be nice,  not so sure about AppleJack changing professions.


  1. Lovely tour of your tree!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Lovely ornaments; I am enjoying seeing and learning about everyone's traditions and special memories.

    Merry Christmas to you, Apple Jack and your family.

  3. Very nice!! So cool that you collect White House ornies. I've never seen the show about the white house tree -- I'd love to see it.

  4. You have some beautiful ornaments Betty

  5. Beautiful ornaments, Betty! My brother got me a White House ornament one year, and I treasure it.