Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Quilts

When life gives you scraps--make quilts!  Several years ago Sis was spring cleaning and sent several bags of scrap fabric to Thistle Manor.  

I had some toile fabric in my fabric stash which worked nicely for the backing.

The long arm quilter did a fabulous job with the feather design.

Scraps from corduroy pants--warm, soft and colorful.

The oak leaf quilting design works well with the fallish colors of the quilt.  I found a piece of flannel in my stash which is soft and warm with the corduroy.  

As soon as these gifts are wrapped, AppleJack will be loading them into his sleigh and making a special delivery.


  1. Wow!!!! I mean, like wow! Just beautiful! You have worked some magic there, and so has your quilter.

  2. Ditto Margaret's comments WOW, stunning.

  3. Ditto!! Someone is going to be very happy!!

  4. Where can I find a long arm quilter? I have been wanting one for a while but don't know where to find one. Beautiful quilting.

  5. What beautiful quilts! They're stunning.