Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lydia Emaline Shultz Tudor

Pineberry Lane
Lydia Broome Sampler

Lydia apologizes for the delay in her debut, her seamstress had a big work project with a bigger deadline.  

The Primitive Hare
Valentine Freebie

Since Great Grandfather "Valentine" Shultz is such an integral part of Lydia's story, The Primitive Hare freebie Valentine will be Lydia's first companion.  The linen is 30 ct over dyed from The Primitive Hare, the fiber is Lancaster Red from Weeks and the backing fabric is flannel from the LQS.  Work on Valentine has already begun (not enough stitched to show photo), the Lancaster Red is an awesome color--the perfect red for Valentine or Merry Christmas.  


  1. Beautiful finish! Such fun that you are stitching a companion for her too.

  2. Valentine is such a wonderfully romantic name. A gorgeous finish Betty and I love the warmth of the backing fabric you have chosen.