Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hannah and the Runner Ups

The past couple of days, I have been "studying" Hannah Breed.  While "studying" Hannah, here is what I have learned:

  • Hannah worked this sampler when she was nine years old
  • The stitches used on the sampler are Cross, Eyelet, Satin, Long-Arm Cross, Herringbone, Rococo, Lazy Daisy, Straight and Florentine.
  • The reproduction sampler was worked on 25 count, natural, unbleached evenweave linen and is approximately 10" x 22"
WOW!  Hannah was 9 years old!  (Gulp) I'm feeling intimated Hannah.
Nine different stitches and you were 9 years old.  Okay, Hannah, now I am feeling really intimated.
Time to locate my girl big britches.

First, runner up:  1800 Gift Pincushion.  Cross and satin stitches.

Second runner up:  M. Quertier
A lovely quaker sampler

There is a tie for Third Runner Up between Jane Atkinson and

Elizabeth Short

and last but still in the running is Tudor Pincushion.  Stitched on 30 ct linen in tent stitch over one thread.


  1. Well done, love them all! We may need to set up SL stitch ins so we can prod each other along.

  2. Oh wow! Love them all! This SL challenge is going to be bad for my pocketbook, I can tell. lol!

  3. I think we all have Scarlet Fever. Betty you have some wonderful charts, all will be beautiful. The pin cushion is exquisite will all the over one.

  4. Oh no... now I have to add the Tudor pin cushion to my ever growing list. Great choices!