Thursday, August 30, 2012

Have you any wool?

Life is good!  Sometimes win wins come into my life.  When win wins come knocking, I am answering the door.  What's the latest win win you ask, well. . .

It starts here.  My needlework partner in crime aka Carmen is having a fund raiser for the Momentum Dance Lab. 

This is the back of the Wool piece, luscious wool and check out those pennies. ( Nice blanket stitching around those pennies).

This Thimble Keep is one of Carmen's designs.  It is a shame blogger does not allow us to reach inside and touch.  These Thimble Keeps are awesome--Civil War reproduction fabric, wool inside, filled with emery and stitched to perfection. 

They have the look and feel of an antique!

This piece has a combination of needlework on the front and quilting on the back. 

Being a stitcher and quilter, Carmen designed this piece to be carried to gatherings. 

At our latest Jo Morton quilt class, Carmen shared the pieces.  As she revealed each piece the room was filled with ohs and aahs because each one just got better and better.  Win, win--treat yourself to a beautifully stitched, handmade, original piece of needlework and support the Momentum Dance Lab.

(Now, paws off of the Wool piece it is coming home with me to Thistle Manor). 


  1. Very lovely Betty! I especially like the Wool one, I plan on stitching that for a Christmas gift for a friend :)
    Great idea to have the wool pennies on the backside.