Friday, August 17, 2012

True Colors

Since receiving the Fall edition of A Primitive Place magazine I have had this corner coverlet image stuck in my head. 

This coverlet design from Heartstring Samplery has also been stuck in my head. 

Both designs remind me of Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda.  I have not read the book by Mitch Albom entitled The Five People you Meet in Heaven but. . . if I were putting together by bucket interview list Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda is definitely on the list.  I have a long list of questions for her. 

All marriages are interesting.  There are two people with different ideas sharing a life.  Sometimes those ideas are diametrically opposed.  Great Grandfather John Palmer and Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda had different political ideas!  I can only image the fireworks. 

Grandmother Sarah Miranda had a loom and wove many blankets and coverlets for her home, children and grandchildren.  As she was selecting colors for the coverlets, she would choose the colors representing the different political parties.  Hmmm, am sure the color choices did not go un noticed by Grandfather John Palmer.

So. . . with these coverlet designs dancing in my head, an election year, and marriage compromises made by grandparents I am pulling fibers for the coverlet designs.  One will be blue, the other will be red.


  1. How interesting! I wish I had learned more from my grandparents. And greats. My grandfathers parents were lived until I was about 10. Love the coverlet corner.

  2. What a fun post! Your grandparents sound so interesting. Fireworks indeed! And a weaver -- so neat! I used to weave once upon a time. lol! Love those two designs. I covet the one by Heartstring Samplery. I should just go buy it!

  3. Great post! Looking forward to seeing these projects!

  4. One in each color - bipartisan is the way to go!