Monday, August 13, 2012

Late bloomers

Music City is beginning to see a change in the temps!  It is wonderful!  The temps are still in the high eighties and low nineties and the temps dropped to fifty during the weekend, it was refreshing!  As the seasons begin to change so does Next Year.  The weeds are growing like crazy and I have been a neglectful gardener.

The leaves on Miss Oak Leaf Hydrangea are beginning to turn crimson.  I leave the bloom heads on for the birds.

The knock out roses are starting their fall blooming period.  Yes, that is the daylily bed in the background which needs weeding!

The rain lilies coming blooming after a summer afternoon thunder show.

Some new feline friends I met during the weekend.  

I have been working on the Birds of a Feather Alphabet Sampler, hope to have enough progress to share this evening.  


  1. Those knock out roses are beautiful! Glad you are experiencing some nicer weather. I'm looking forward to the cooler temperatures! :)