Monday, August 6, 2012

Where dreams come true

My Primitive Place Magazine arrived today.  WOW!  Included with the magazine was a special edition called Textiles.  This is a photo of a bedroom inside the special edition.  Ahhhh, this is truly a bed where dreams could come true.  A coverlet on the bed, coverlets in the corner cupboard and a hooked rug hanging over the bed. 

The corner block of a coverlet complete with the year it was woven.  Hmmm, my creative juices are flowing,  Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda was born in 1855, is it possible for me to convert this design into needlework? 

Samplers hung over a simple desk.  Perhaps I will hang the Adam and Eve samplers over the antique desk AppleJack refinished.

Oh drooling over the pages of this magazine will give me endless ideas.  AppleJack is shacking his head and holding onto his back, he sees furniture rearranging in his near future. 

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