Monday, August 20, 2012

I've been framed!

Since this blog is named Samplings from Spring Creek, it seemed past time to stitch this piece.  This is one of the houses from Carriage House Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.  Kathy, the framer always helps me select the best frames.  

The gold and diamonds in the frame are a nice compliment to the design.

This is Sarah Hook, one of the Carriage House tombstone angels.  Once again, Kathy helped select just the right frame.  Don't the swirls in the frame make a nice compliment the swirls in the design?

Looking forward to stitching more tombstone angels.  


  1. Fantastic! You're right about the frames -- they're both perfect! I love how the design in the frames carries the theme of the designs themselves!

  2. Both frames are gorgeous, love them!!!!!