Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feeding my Stash

JJ's Collectibles was having a Christmas in July sale and I was feeling the need for some retail therapy.  For some rationalization, "I wasn't that bad."

Yes, I know the Fall edition of Sampler Antique Needlework Quarterly Fall 2012 has been released, I'm a little behind.  This magazine has been around for a few years and it is still one of my favorites.  The samplers are beautiful, the articles interesting, the stitching illustrations easy to follow.  (And they include a shop listing to further entice me to feed my need to add to my stash)

Having made the decision to stitch tombstone angels, I thought Ghoul, by Plum Street Samplers  would make a nice addition to the tombstone angels.  I took  Sarah Hook to the framers on Saturday and I am sure seeing Sarah framed will provide some incentive to stitch Ghoul.  Isn't this just the perfect fall/Halloween/tombstone design?

Sometimes, simple designs are the best.  I'm thinking of using the fiber Hickory Sticks by Crescent.  This is a design which calls for some aged linen.  Lydia was a dear aunt, this sampler will allow for some modifications and additions to allow my Lydia to tell about her life.

Beth, at Heartstring Samplery has been adopting elements from coverlets to needlework.  This one will be a nice companion piece to her American Eagle design.  Remember the coverlet from the Primitive Place magazine?  

Now, I need to speak to the postal clerk who is having difficulty with the words "do not bend." 


  1. All are great stash choices!! I have the same problem with my postman -- drives me crazy!!!

  2. Ouey! Nice stash. Love that Lydia!

  3. Love the retail therapy acquisitions! And I Love the fall colors on the front of Sampler & Antique Needlework! I look forward to seeing your personalized Lydia! My mail lady takes any directions on the envelope as a personal challenge to see just how many different ways she can bend and stuff it in my mailbox. :) I've even received packages with footprints and tire tracks on them.